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Forest Run Stallions 2024

Twenty stallions will be turned out from Tuesday 7th May to Tuesday 18th June, but can start to come off the Forest from Tuesday 11th June.

Please note that some of the stallions may move away from their allocated area.

Click on any of the small photos below to see a larger version.  Click on the stallion's name to see further details and more photos.

Brookshill Major II

Balmer Lawn
Brookshill Major II   To be released at Balmer Lawn     photo by Tallauders
Bunny II

Bunny II   Released at Nomansland
Cadland Masterplan

Cadland Masterplan   To be released at Busketts     photo by Tallauders
Carterstone Cufflink

Carterstone Cufflink   To be released at Backley     photo by Tallauders
Fidleywood Falconer

Shirley Holms
Fidleywood Falconer   To be released at Shirley Holms

Jetset Monarch

Jetset Monarch   To be released at Wilverley
Knavesash Duty

Bramshaw Golf Course
Knavesash Gold Fever

Knavesash Gold Fever   To be released at Bank
Knavesash Polaris

Knavesash Polaris   To be released at Longdown
Lucky Lane Pegasus

Mill Lawn
Lucky Lane Pegasus   To be released at Mill Lawn

Lucky Lane Rollo

Acres Down
Lucky Lane Rollo   To be released at Acres Down
Lucky Lane Warrior

Hale Purlieu
Lucky Lane Warrior   To be released at Hale Purlieu
Mallards Wood Law And Order

Mallards Wood Law And Order   To be released at Ashurst
Mogshade Quarryman

Whitten Pond
Mogshade Quarryman   To be released at Whitten Pond     photo by Tallauders
Nutschullyng First Light

Green Pond - Fritham
Nutschullyng First Light   To be released at Green Pond - Fritham

Portmore Thunder Cloud

Portmore Thunder Cloud   To be released at Holmsley
Pragnells Pippin

Pragnells Pippin   To be released at Pilley
Standinghat Da Vinci

Standinghat Da Vinci   To be released at Linford
Sway Scrumpy Jack

East Boldre
Sway Scrumpy Jack   To be released at East Boldre     photo by Tallauders
Twiggs Lane Dream of Diamonds

Twiggs Lane Dream of Diamonds   To be released at Hilltop

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